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German Brewers' Association

The German Brewers’ Association – A strong voice for German brewers since 1871 There are more than 1,500 breweries in Germany. We have them to thank for the great diversity of German beer culture...



The Commitment of the German Brewing Industry The German brewing industry employs around 35,000 people in 1,350 breweries, both large and small, across the country. All of this activity is rooted...


500 Years in 50 Seconds

500 Years in 50 Seconds One thing is for sure; beer is no longer brewed in Germany as it was in 1516. Pitch-lined wooden vats and open fires stoked under brew kettles are a rarity nowadays. Likewise,...



The Reinheitsgebot as a Guarantee of Quality Beer enthusiasts both in Germany and abroad are united in their appreciation for the term Reinheitsgebot. It is understood as a quality guarantee....



Germany: The Cradle of the Brewer's Art – Craft, Culture and Competence The brewing industry is a sizeable branch of the German food production sector and therefore employs a significant part of...
Search results 1 until 5 of 7

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